Actor, Musician, Voice Artist, Presenter
James Pilkington
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James Pilkington is a 25-year-old jack-of-all-trades born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is one of the past Indigo View advanced academy actors and his craft and technique has been highly influenced by well-known mentors; Steven Feinstein and Louise Saint-claire. Although new to the industry - young and vibrant talent James has made a pronounced entrance into the South African industry with a constant stream of theatre shows, short films & television jobs. Despite being theatrically trained, his passion lies in film. He’s been acting on SABC 1's Skeem Saam as the head chef of cafe Rovuwa, Francois Swanepoel since July 2016 and has been recently cast as Wesley Matthews in Amazons Prime’s Obsession, which critics rave to take the industry by storm. You can also expect a small featured role in the international TV series starring Tom Welling, The Professionals

  • "I'm here to guide you through these intricate experiences in a compassionate way, that provides an empathy for the complexities of the character, and ones being."
  • "I'm here to express the passion that drives me. I have found a love and empathy in humanity that I would love to share with the world. The idea of crafting and resonating with such delicate and intricate, interesting ‘everyday’ people, and expressing these characters as real as possible. To bring out an idea of empathy, which if controlled properly, will not only change people's “truth” but can change the world forever."

James has a unique take on performance. He articulates acting as the exploration of the world and the discovery of the human condition; all that encompasses being.  He’s passionate about the vocal, physical and emotional technicalities of the characters he plays, but his real fascination with acting lies behind the character's deeper internal existential intentions – The WHY. Exploring a Method, Meisner & Stanislavsky approach creates a creative and stimulated dynamic that often results in the discovery of the deeper intricacies of the character's everyday life. This often brings out a stronger rapport & intimacy within the audience/character space and can often lead to profound moments.

Although his passion and focus are predominantly on his Acting career and craft, it is not the only passion he recognizes and pursues. He also is able to play guitar, drums, piano, and sing. He released his Debut Single, Train, late 2017 on  Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Youtube Music & Amazon Music. He hopes to develop his music career just as much as his acting in 2020, as he plans to release his first EP.

Off-screen and outside the studio - James pursues a healthy lifestyle; both nutritional eating, physical exercise and mental wellness. He sees it more of a life choice than a rigid rule of law. He enjoys and exceeds expectations in a wide variety of sports and fitness regimes; supplementing it with a balanced and healthy eating lifestyle, whilst enjoying constant reflection and meditation that advocates a mindful consciousness for the soul. 

More is to come from this ‘New Age Explorer’, taking the industry by storm!