A Sense Of Time


We all have some sense of time; whether it's the agonies of waiting in ques or the fast moments of exhilarating excitement we experience on a daily basis. If you know me – you’ll know I for one, have no sense of time.


I am the type of actor that scrambles through traffic and cuts off a few angry business men to arrive on set, abruptly change, only to then realize I'm still the first one to arrive and I need to start distracting myself with work before the “hurry up and wait” game starts to erratically take over.


James Pilkington with Daniel Wellington taken by Cameron kernahan


Even outside of the actor world, I'm constantly late, always trying to “catch up” with time as if it had the possibility to slow down. Whether it’s the common trends or the actual concept, I as a New Age Explorer have decided to come to my senses, understand my bearings and start taking a quicker step in the right direction as I try to explore our ever so fast paced world - but to do it with style, and show off a piece of my ‘timeless’ personality.



I recently teamed up with Daniel Wellington and was welcomed with the minimal and elegant Silver Classic 36mm watch with the all American classic brown leather Durham strap and on top of that, they provided me with an extra nylon Glasgow strap to switch things up and add an underestimated variety to my timeless fashion style.


James Pilkington with Daniel Wellington taken by Cameron kernahan


Daniel Wellington watches are without a doubt, suitable for every occasion.