The 5-Essential Pieces Of Equipment For Content Creators & Influencers

The 5-Essential Pieces Of Equipment For Content Creators & Influencers

These days there a variety of platforms to sell your services like on Fiverr, Upwork & Behance; or even the final product (photo, video, music, etc.) online like on Snapwire, Twenty20, Glymt, foap, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock & more…

While I’m not the biggest fan of the variety of mobile influencer & content creator applications due to their lack of creative interpretation, transparent brand communication & heavily decreased influencer remuneration rates – indahash, Humanz, & Webfluential are just a couple of the available mobile apps out there, that allow you to collaborate and help make content with and/or for brands.

Last but not least – there are a bunch of influencer agencies that are popping up, like Tilt – wanting to help you explore your passions through paid collaborations where you can help make content with and/or for brands.

The truth is – as tight as the economy is feeling right now – it’s never been easier to start a business, pursue customers & make money from almost anywhere in the world. These days, content creation which I believe is very relative to ‘influencing’; whether a side-hobby, part-time cash-gig, or full-time profession – can be a great way of exploring your passions, where you can work from almost anywhere in the world, and get paid for it - online.

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So, to get you started I put together the 5-essential pieces of equipment for content creators & influencers. I would like to mention that content creators don’t just have to be influencers who want to work with brands, or aspiring professionals looking to break into the fast-paced lifestyle or portrait photography industry; this equipment can be used to capture moments with friends & family, hoping to make memories. Heck, I use this equipment all the time for my online auditions & self-tapes. This essential equipment for content creators has universal purpose with the aim of creating, exploring & sharing creativity & experiences of the human condition.

I also understand with so many amazing products available in today’s market, it feels like a new gadget is being released every other week – and that can make it incredibly hard for you to know exactly what you “need” and what can wait. So today, I have filtered through all the options and broken it down into the absolute 5-Essential Pieces of Equipment for Content Creators & Influencers. Without further ado…


  1. The Camera

Having a camera is clearly the most essential piece of equipment when it comes to creative content creation. However, don’t let all the YouTubers & fancy influencers make you feel that you need to spend money and buy the best top of the range camera. Yes, while better DSLR cameras can help produce higher quality content – understanding the basics of photography & videography to a ‘T’ is what separates an amateur from the professional. These days, easy-to-use & carry mobile phones are equipped with powerful cameras that are more than substantial for content creation. I often create content solely with my iPhone X. A GoPro can also come in handy and doesn’t come at the biggest expense. While more for action & adventure content – GoPro’s easy-to-use settings, multiple attachments & weather-wear protection allows for versatile content creation.

While you can do content creation with these above camera’s – if you’re looking to step up your game & take this somewhat seriously – a DSLR is an absolute must. My DSLR of choice is a Canon 80D. Other than a rugged, weather-sealed body, a fast processor with powerful dual-pixel auto-focus & touch focus capabilities – it has a long-lasting battery and is versatile with plenty of lenses. My choice of lenses is my 30mm & 50mm for portraits, but consider a 10-18mm wide-lense for vlogging & an 80-200mm for landscape. With a DSLR comes greater responsibility & requirements. Having an SD memory card like my 128gig one comes in handy to shoot for long-hours, both video & photo; that’s also not to mention additional batteries or portable battery chargers.


  1. The Sound

Having sound is the next essential piece of equipment for content creation, especially for vlogging, short films, interviews and/or self-tapes. Unfortunately, camera sound really isn’t that great and so having an additional mic is a must. While condenser microphones work well for podcasts & narrations – they lack the capability for clear pick-up of sound when far away from the subject. Lapel mics can fix that; small & can easily be concealed – a lapel mic is also great for interviews or picking up sound when the camera is far away from the subject.

Last but not least, Shotgun Mics are definitely the way to go. My rode mic pro can be plugged directly into my DSLR and works great for vlogging & all my self-tapes. It also has a variety of settings to suit the location & ambiance of the space.


  1. The Hardware

Pre & actual production is extremely important. Knowing what you want to achieve and capturing it in such a way is always going to have priority. However, post-production is where the experience captured all comes together. My computer of choice is the Acer Swift 7. The Acer Swift 7 really is one of the most powerful laptops on the planet right now with an Intel® Core i7-8500Y processor, 16GB of RAM & 512GB of solid-state storage space; and it only ways 0.89kgs! I know… Crazy right!? For such a small laptop it definitely packs a punch.

Other than some of the amazing features mentioned above, the lightweight, but powerful Acer Swift 7 allows me to take the laptop everywhere I go because of its 12-hour battery life. These days I bring along my Swift 7 instead of having my notebook or journal. Other than having enough power to edit photo’s on photoshop and/or Lightroom, make music through FL studio, and even edit videos & self-tapes through Adobe’s Premier Pro and After Effects; with the Intel® UHD Graphics 615 card – the graphics are out of this world!

It also has a built-in camera that helps for interviews or live videos, a finger-print touchpad for secure access & did I mention that the whole screen is touch too… And there are loads more goodies packed into this tiny machine!

Tip: Don’t forget having back storage hard-drive is extremely important; not just for theft purposes (especially in a country like ours), but to keep your laptop clean and running smoothly – without losing any of your valuable footage.

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  1. The Stabilisation

While having a tripod is definitely a no-brainer for stable footage – it often lacks versatility and keeps shots stagnant. A gimble although expensive - in this case, allows you to add movement to your shots while keeping the footage stable, seamless & smooth; thus taking your content to the next level

My choice, however, is the GorillaPod – I find it extremely useful. It can fit onto my GoPro & DSLR, it's small & easy to carry, but yet it’s still strong enough to attach to objects for interesting angles and shots.


  1. The Lighting

There is one last essential piece of equipment for content creators and that’s the lighting. As I mentioned above, while post production & pre-production are important – there are a couple of essential pieces of equipment that should be used during production, that will help you bring up your production value and provide higher-quality content.

While natural lighting is always great – it's few and far between. While a three-point lighting setup is obviously the way to go; either with LEDs are box lights – this kind of set up can become quite expensive and pricey. And while easily transportable reflectors can come in handy when shooting outside and/or at location – they too sometimes lack the versatility you need. That’s why my choice for lighting is the ring light; perfect and versatile for almost any type of content – especially self-tapes & vlogs.



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And there we have it; the 5-essential pieces of equipment for content creators & influencers. You can finally start creating & sharing content from anywhere in the world! So, what are you waiting for?