My 5 Favourite Hello Essential Oils


My 5 Favourite Hello Essential Oils

I’m not going to lie to you; other than maybe seeing one or two ads on essential oils and a couple of small conversations about essential oils around the house with my holistic ‘healthy’ family – I was probably just as clueless as you are right now. A couple of weeks back I received my Hello Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit (Retail value R4,000+) for only R2,350 (wholesale cost). It came with a Dewdrop home diffuser, 11 of the top essential oils and many other little goodies. As with anything new, it had me so overwhelmed it took me 2 weeks to put it all together and actually use it.

Just after the first day of using it, I realized how easy essential oils can be integrated into your life to the point where 2 months down the line – I’ve got my diffuser running almost all the time and I am using essential oils every single day. Before I tell you about Young Livings Deep Relief roll-on (Worth R530) Giveaway and Q&A Live, I want to highlight my experience with Hello Essentials (the team that distributes Young Livings essential oils) and my 5 favorite essential oil combinations I use in my diffuser at home. They are many ways to integrate essential oils into your life, either applying it topically (on your skin or in a roller that is diluted with carrier oil, like MCT, olive, grapeseed, etc.) aromatically via the diffuser or just inhaling from the bottle, or internally, yes ingesting it by adding it to your tea, or making an essential oil tea with honey and oils (NOTE - not all oils are safe for internal use, so please do your research, but that is what the Hello Essentials team is for, they can help you understand and safely use them). However, I find that the diffuser not only adds a nice aroma to the room, but it also sets the tone of the mood, while still providing the benefits, and as an extra bonus – it adds just a little bit moisture to the room to combat Joburg’s dry climate.


Young Living Essential Oilss


What I found really rad was that this team, Hello essentials, understand that this concept is new. So they don’t leave you in the dark – they actually walk with you along the way, have regular workshops to inspire new uses & ideas, and other than being sent a bunch of information and recipes from the other ambassadors; the perfect place to start was on the Hello Essential Facebook group, where they had 10 units of quick learning content to take you through uses of oils, why Young Living is different, examples of uses for some of the most popular oils and everything you need to know, from start to finish.

They even have an 80-page “Lookbook” which is like a guide that showcases all the facets of Young Living essential oils. Filled with recipes, instructions, and tips for using essential oils (and other oil-infused products too), this is a great resource for learning how to start using essential oils in your everyday life. It’s FREE! So feel free to access it with the info below:
password: hellobookv2


And without further ado, My 5 favorite young living essential oils, combinations & how I use them in my daily life:

  1. Diffuse R.C & Peppermint

This is my go-to combination. I use it on the daily, first thing in the morning and also before I go to bed, in particular before both singing and/or acting. R.C. is a blend of Cypress, Spruce, and three types of Eucalyptus; It’s great for opening up respiratory channels. The drops of Peppermint also help relieve head pressure, curb appetite & settle the stomach. (Oh, and if you are ever struggling from a hangover – also add some lavender) & you can take a drop of digize sublingually.

  1. Lavender topical drops

Lavender is another great & classic essential oil. Other than supporting the body’s natural healing process, lavender is great if you are ever feeling overwhelmed, stress and even struggling with anxiety. It will help you relax, calm down and/or even go to sleep. A couple of drops on your hands to be rubbed on your pillow before you sleep, or in the bath, in epsom salts will also help. You can also put 15 drops of lavender & 5 drops of Lemon into a 10ml roller, filled with jojoba oil (Carrier oil, best for the face since it doesn’t clog) and directly apply it to pimples & spots to help clear skin.

  1. Deep Relief Roll-On

I don’t know why, (I’m blaming my genetics) but my back or supplementary muscles often just go into spasm; then again, despite my stretching efforts - it could also be from all the exercise & variation of sports I do. The deep relief roll-on definitely has come in handy, allowing me to roll the essential oils on the specific pain point; sore muscles, joints, or ligaments. After a day, the swelling (if applicable) usually has gone down quite a bit and the pain usually has started to fade. You can also apply it to bumps and bruises. P.S. Keep reading – Hello essentials and I have teamed up and are giving one away for FREE below.


Young Living Essential Oils Deep Relief Roll-On


  1. Thieves & Lemon tea

Other than the Thieves mints which also come with the starter kit, a “thieves tea” is a great start to every day. Thieves is made from a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary; it promotes wellness and good health by supporting immune function. Lemon adds a revitalising touch by increasing mental focus and clarity and it has detoxifying properties. Together, (one drop of thieves essential oil, with 2 drops of lemon essential oil mixed into about 1 tablespoon of honey, in a mug and some warm water added)  it’s like a natural anti-biotic keeping you healthy and fighting against bacteria, flu & colds. A couple of weeks back I got extremely sick and doubling up on thieves helped me enormously.

  1. Digize & Aromaease

This combination is more of a detox in my opinion. Digize is a blend of Ginger, Anise, Fennel, Peppermint, Tarragon, Lemongrass, Patchouli, and juniper. It helps with heartburn, bloating & supports a healthy digestive system. (Digize was created to take internally or apply topically on the stomach) Aromaease promotes a calm environment, eases nausea and supports digestion. You can also add some cedarwood if diffusing to promote a relaxed atmosphere and promoting deep sleep. This is also great after a weekend bender. ;)


I started to realize that this wasn’t just a product that you’re buying; you’re choosing a lifestyle. A lifestyle away from pharmaceutical products. It was actually almost quite perfect timing, as a week after receiving my starter kit, I got sick and the oils worked. A couple of weeks later and I had some tender knots in my body and again, they really helped. I even used them before a big audition. I’m not saying it is all due to the essential oils, my body healed & I wasn’t so nervous because of the oils; I think it’s a combination of the oils, stretching, daily journaling, exercise, the New Age Explorer mindset, and a healthy diet. But even the smallest contributions can make the biggest difference.

Last but not least, they’ve built a whole ambassador program around the essential oils. So, for each person you refer and help to buy a kit - you earn R700 commission per referral, plus future residual income when they reorder or refer other friends! My membership number is #19518512 if you need it.

Feel free to contact them on their Instagram or Facebook page for any queries. The person who helped me was Jayde and she’s open to any WhatsApp Q’s anytime, +1 619 917 7777.


Now for what you’ve been waiting for: Competition Time!

On Thursday the 3rd of October at 8pm Hello Essential Oils will be doing a 30-minute Instagram LIVE where they will be giving away the deep relief roller (Worth R530), and doing a Q&A.


Young Living Essential Oils Deep Relief Roll-On


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